In 1938, Adv. Israel Gornitzky founded a small law firm in Tel-Aviv, by the name of I. Gornitzky & Co.


In the early 1950's, Israel Gornitzky was joined by his twin sons, Yerucham and Uriel Gornitzky. Yerucham, who passed away in 1997, succeeded his father as Chairman of the Firm from 1956 to 1994. The Gornitzky family remained an integral part of the firm with the presence of Yerucham's daughter, Daphna Talgam, who was a partner with the firm until her passing in 2015.


Gornitzky & Co. was initially located in a small office on Echad Ha'Am Street in Tel Aviv, and subsequently relocated to the nearby Montefiore Street. The firm's current offices, spanning over 5 floors in the Zion Building on Rothschild Blvd, are also adjacent to Echad Ha'Am Street and only a few meters away from the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.


Pinhas Rubin, Chairman of the firm since 1994, began his legal career as Yerucham Gornitzky's legal intern. Moriel Matalon, the firm's Managing Partner since 1995, joined the firm as an associate in 1978.


In 1999, Gornitzky & Co. merged with Rosensweig & Co., a boutique law firm specializing in tax.


In 2000, Zvi Ephrat became a Senior Partner at the firm after another merger, between Gornitzky & Co. and Ephrat, Smith & Co. Gornitzky & Co. subsequently opened an additional branch, in Herzliya Pituach.

In 2005, the firm officially changed its name from I. Gornitzky & Co. to Gornitzky & Co., and in 2013 celebrated 75 years of legal excellence as one of Israel's most prominent law firms.