The Tel Aviv District Court rejects a NIS 720 million class action against Gornitzky's clients, Yitzhak Tshuva and Delek Group

August 30th, 2012 Back to all news

Judge Danya Kareth Meyer of the Tel Aviv District Court has rejected the request for a NIS 720 million class action against Yitzhak Tshuva and Delek Group.


The request for the class action, filed by attorney Renan Gersht, was rejected by Judge Kareth Meyer based on evidence provided by Gornitzky & Co., which highlighted numerous and significant technical errors in the plaintiff's claims.


Tshuva and Delek Group were represented by Mr. Pinhas Rubin (Firm Chairman), Mr. Ofer Tzur (Partner, Head of Litigation), Mr. Kfir Yadgar (Partner) and Mr. Ofer Fleischer.