Calcalist features Gornitzky's Michael Ayalon in an article discussing the ramifications of a proposal to revoke the Retirement Age Law

January 1st, 2013 Back to all news

Michael Ayalon, who leads Gornitzky's labor law practice, was featured in an article in the Calcalist newspaper discussing the ramifications of a proposal to forbid employers to force employees to retire at the age of 67, by revoking the Retirement Age Law (2004).


Mr. Ayalon believes that abolishing the law will unnecessarily take away from an employer's ability to run his business and only create further problems, "In the public sector there are still historical rulings and regulations that perpetuate the employment of inefficient employees over the course of many years prior to them reaching the age of retirement.  Now, abolishing assuming the law, which allows for the termination of their employment, will be revoked, those inefficient employees will remain in the workforce for many more years and at the expense of the taxpayers. And even more importantly, at the expense of other employees for whom the coveted positions will not become vacant."