| Cobi Marcus
September 10th, 2017

Gornitzky represents Bank Hapoalim before the US Federal DC District Court.

Gornitzky represented Bank Hapoalim, together with Norton Rose Fulbright, in a legal proceeding in which the US Federal DC District Court dismissed a 1 billion USD claim (amended from the original 34.5 billion USD claim), mainly on the basis of political questions doctrine. The claim was filed by various Palestinian plaintiffs, backed by pro-Palestinian groups, against various corporations and individuals. It alleged various international law violations related to settlement activity and to IDF activities in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.


Bank Hapoalim was represented by Pinhas Rubin (Head of the Firm), together with Associates Cobi Marcus, Nir Keidar and Assaf Harel.

March 31st, 2016

Gornitzky represents the founders of DuCool Ltd. in a dispute amongst company share-holders against the controlling shareholder in the company 

Gornitzky represented the founders of DuCool Ltd. (a company that specializes in the manufacturing of advanced air-conditioning systems, which are exported to international markets including the U.S., China and India), in a dispute amongst company share-holders against the controlling shareholder in the company, the American hedge fund, Matlin Patterson Global Advisors, LLC. its Directors.

Within the framework of these proceedings, two motions were filed by the founders of the company for the approval of two derivative actions at the District Court in Tel Aviv (Financial Department), as well as three actions at the Regional Labor Court.

In March 2016, Haifa District Court acceded the motion to suspend proceedings and appoint a trustee, as requested by the company (ex parte), a motion which was filed, according to the founders, for the purpose of dismissing proceedings which were initiated by the founders, represented by Gornitzky & Co., against the American Fund.

In an expedited process, within a number of days, the office team strived to suspend proceedings. In an unconventional ruling by the Haifa District Court, the court ordered the cancellation of the injunction to suspend proceedings, together with the annulment of a trustee, and respectively the ongoing proceedings conducted by the group of founder were restored.


The Company's founders were represented by Adv. Eli Cohen (Partner), Adv. Michael Ayalon (Partner), Adv. Cobi Marcus and Adv. Yaad Gordon.