Cyber-Security, Privacy and Data Protection

As we globally develop in to the generation of information its infrastructure is becoming an ever increasing imperative assets of business. Data breaches and cyber-attacks are becoming a serious threat to business success and companies are struggling to keep up with security. Incidents over the last few years have demonstrated that cyber-attacks can inflict severe physical, financial and reputational damage to corporations worldwide; such damage may have significant legal implications to companies and its management. With these growing trends and the rapidly evolving legal framework, corporations today face unprecedented challenges in managing cyber-security and privacy risks, particularly those associated with the, protection of critical infrastructure as well as collection, use and disclosure of the personal information of clienteles and employees.

Gornitzky’s Cyber-Security, Privacy and Data Protection team offers clients a well-versed multidisciplinary approach to handling these critical challenges. We combine a vast understanding of the Israeli cyber-security and privacy legal framework with a constant tracking of the global legal and regulatory trends. Furthermore our team brings extensive experience in negotiating complex transactions involving data protection.

We offer our clients assistance in developing appropriate corporate information and cyber policies, and guidance regarding compliance with sector-specific legal and regulatory requirements. When needed we can advise on steps management should take in order to mitigate the legal risks from data breaches to both the company and its officers and negotiate legal provisions designed to protect a company in its commercial relationships with vendors, business partners, customers and investors.

Our services in this field also include: advising companies on the legal framework concerning cross-border data transfer; permissible monitoring of employee computer activities and legal requirements concerning the protection of the company's databases; representing companies in litigation regarding employee privacy issues; and advising developers of cyber-security and information collection software on their compliance with relevant legal requirements.

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