Executive Compensation & Employee Benefit Plans

The executive compensation and employee benefits team at Gornitzky & Co. provides guidance to the firm's local and foreign clients on the entire spectrum of executive compensation and employee benefit concerns; which have become vital tools to attract and retain top talent in today's competitive markets. Our lawyers work together with the firm’s clients to establish comprehensive executive compensation and employee benefits packages tailored to individual requirements.,

Gornitzky's executive compensation and employee benefits attorneys utilize their in-depth knowledge and experience in advising on all types of employee share purchase plans, capital-based incentive arrangements and remuneration issues. Our expertise in various forms of compensation, includes performance based awards and benefits, ESOPs, pension schemes, phantom awards and agreements, deferred compensation arrangements, adjustment periods, "golden parachute" agreements and special entitlements for unique employment circumstances, such as change of control.

Employee benefit matters are often not simple, Gornitzky & Co have a reputable team with interdisciplinary skills Making us able to deliver the best solutions. Often matters are cross-worked by our tax, litigation, securities, corporate and banking & finance teams. As a result, we are the first choice firm for many top executives and companies seeking help with complex, benefit and compensation challenges.

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