Non-Profit Organizations

Gornitzky & Co. provides expert legal advice to its clients in all matters related to the "third sector" and charitable activity. We provide a multidisciplinary service enabling not-for-profit organizations to achieve their missions.

Our complete range of legal services includes the registration of non-profit organizations and other incorporated bodies outside of Israel. Our Non-Profit Organizations team deals with the various aspects of large scale donation agreements aimed for public purpose, including the negotiations preceding the agreement, monitoring the transfer of the donation funds and ensuring that the completion of the project complies with the agreement.

We assist clients in fulfilling their reporting duties, obtaining tax benefits and municipality tax reliefs, handling matters vis-à-vis various authorities; additionally, we advise on day-to-day operations such as the roles and duties of officers within the organization.

Our clientele consists of all classes of non-profit entities registered in Israel, these include: endowments, non-profit organizations, trusts and public benefit companies, and more.

With the increasing standard of expectation on non-profit organizations, whether it be dealing with legal aspects of employment matters or with real estate questions that may arise, our team is adept at finding creative solutions to all problems facing non-profit clients.

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