Public International Law

With the rapid growth of globalization over the last decade, Public International Law has considerably developed and today has a continually growing impact on the activities of corporations worldwide. Gornitzky & Co. offers unique expertise in the full spectrum of Public International Law, allowing our clients to strive in these environments.

Our clientele includes individuals and multinational corporations engaged in projects or transactions of an international nature, including multinational projects, interstate arrangements for the sharing of resources and cross-border trade and investment.


Our vast experience in this area includes:

  • The litigation of disputes that involve issues of Public International Law, before Israeli courts and regulatory authorities,
  • Provision of comprehensive legal advice to clients on such issues, including in the fields of international investment law, maritime law, trade law, intellectual property law, telecommunications law, human rights law, water law,environmental law, as well as international and regional sanctions regimes.

Recent examples of Gornitzky's experience in the field include:

  • Provision of legal advice to an international corporation on international rights in natural oil and gas in the Mediterranean Sea;
  • Advising a corporation in the energy sector on regional treaties regarding the export and import of natural gas;
  • Litigation before a District Court in a case involving practical aspects of international refugee law;
  • Representation of clients in various international proceedings, including arbitration in the International Chamber of Commerce.

Our Public International Law practice is further enhanced by our team members' unique previous experience in the United Nations and in serving as senior legal advisors to the Government of Israel, where they advised key government officials on highly sensitive issues involving Public International Law,. Our team members have also published academic studies on the interpretation of international law in internationally recognized legal journals.

Our experience, combined with our multi-disciplinary approach, gives Gornitzky the unique ability to identify and integrate aspects of Public International Law into its practice in other fields of law – such as the ability to integrate an international human rights claim to strengthen a case before national or international fora or the ability to identify possible benefits a client involved in an international transaction may be entitled to under a trade or bilateral investment treaty.

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