October 25, 2018 | IP

Welcome to our IP and China Law business blog.

Welcome to our new blog. This blog will cover issues related to intellectual property, business, China and occasionally all three. The reasons for consolidating all of these in one blog are (a) that these are my fields of expertise (and I am writing this blog after all) and (b) that we have long felt that there are both great interest and lack of sufficient expertise in these subjects (at least in Israel). Sure, there are many lawyers who write about IP and many people who talk about business in China. But we hope to do things a little differently here.

This blog is all about taking two very “heavy” subjects – intellectual property (in the larger sense of creating and leveraging intellectual assets) and China – and make them more accessible. We will provide insights not from a purely legal perspective but rather from a business and strategy perspective. That is not to say that this blog will not cover legal issues but that we will cover these issues from a strategic business-oriented point of view. In other words, if you want the latest updates on this law or that court decision or enjoy reading deep legal analyses – look elsewhere. If, however, you are looking for valuable insights on real-world issues that have real impact on how companies do business – this is for you.

This blog is written mostly with businesses in mind. It is not intended for lawyers (although they are obviously welcome too). If you are an executive, a founder, an entrepreneur, a creator or an innovator, a tech investor, a business person or simply someone interested in business strategy, intellectual property and China, I believe that you will find our posts interesting.

We will cover IP issues from a practical business perspective. The idea here is not to update you on the latest news but rather to explore interesting issues, trends and aspects of how business should be done in an IP-heavy environment. And make no mistake – the world today is very IP-heavy (I plan to write a post on that as well). The idea is to give you information you can use, food for thought and insightful views in an easy-to-process way using everyday language.

We will keep things short and to-the-point – 5-7 minutes reads is the objective. We will publish a new post here roughly every two-three weeks – stay tuned! Or simply register to our publications to get our updates regularly. We also welcome your feedback.

Ziv Rotenberg

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