January 19, 2011

Israeli District Court ruled in favor of Dr. Rosensweig, represented by Gornitzky & Co.

Gornitzky & Co. represented Adv. Dr. Joshua Rosensweig (a former senior partner at Gornitzky and one of Israel’s foremost businessmen) in a lawsuit in which Adv. Avi Gera claimed that Dr. Rosensweig allegedly prevented Adv. Gera from his share in their dissolved joint firm’s alleged reputation. Adv. Gera estimated his share of the firm’s reputation at NIS 9 million when filing the lawsuit in 2004.

Throughout the legal proceedings, which lasted nearly 7 years, prominent Israeli businessmen testified on behalf of Dr. Rosensweig, including Mr. Tzadik Bino, Mr. Israel (Izzy) Tapuchi, Mr. Benjamin Jesselson, Mr. Yair Hamburger and C.P.A. Aharon Zohar.

The Tel-Aviv District Court (Honorable Judge Ruth Ronen) ruled in favor of Dr. Rosensweig, stating that the dissolved firm had no reputation separate from that of its partners. In her judgment, Judge Ronen wrote that only in rare cases does a law firm have a reputation separate from the identity of its partners, and referred specifically to Gornitzky & Co. as an example of a highly respected firm with a reputation independent from its partners

The team handling the representation included Pinhas Rubin (Firm Chairman), Noam Ronen (Partner) and Ofer Fleischer.


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