Connecting with the community and giving back through social involvement and environmental responsibility are integral to Gornitzky’s value system and organizational culture. With our Corporate Social Responsibility program, we strive to make a significant positive impact, inspire our team to make a difference and collaborate with clients who share the same commitment to social causes.


Gornitzky & Co. has been named one of Israel’s leading Pro-Bono firms by the Israel Bar Association and Dun & Bradstreet. As a firm, we provide pro bono legal counsel to a long list of non-profit organizations; members of our team dedicate hundreds of hours every month to pro bono work for clients who are unable to pay for legal services.
Gornitzky incorporates social responsibility activities via the many voluntary and fundraising programs initiated by members of our team, which include: food drives and aiding Holocaust survivors, assisting the elderly, and providing gift certificates to IDF soldiers from financially challenged backgrounds. Last but not least, we give back as a firm and as individuals, in monetary donations to various organizations.


Sustainability is at the core of our corporate responsibility strategy.
Gornitzky & Co. is committed to reducing its environmental impact through our decision-making and operational processes, helping to shape the future that provides economic, ecological and social benefits for all. We seek to maximize efficiency and minimize consumption, including energy conservation, paper usage and waste reduction and we ensure that environmental considerations weigh into our purchasing policy.


We believe that a diverse workforce is essential to maintaining our competitive advantage, by expanding and developing the pool of talent from which we draw. Gornitzky & Co. is committed to providing equal employment opportunities and a workplace, which fosters development and where all are treated with dignity and respect.
Our growth and success depends not only on the ability to attract the best workforce, but also to encourage and retain those employees. Therefore, as part of our CSR policy, we invest a great deal in our employees’ well-being, leisure activities and special events.
Gornitzky & Co. has been repeatedly named one of the most sought-after law firms in Israel.

Yedid - The Association for Community Empowerment

Bet Sabah (Elazraki) Children's Home

The Moran Choirs Society (NPO) and the Home for Singing in Israel

The Israeli Fund for UNICEF

Alin Beit Noam

Educating for Excellence



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