July 01, 2015

Gornitzky represents Milchan Media in the sale of shares in Israel's Channel 10.

Gornitzky represented Milchan Media Ltd. in the sale of a portion of its shares in Israel’s Channel 10 to the R.G.E Group Ltd. Channel 10, one of only three privately-owned broadcasting channels in Israel. The channel has recently been granted a 15-year broadcasting license, making Channel 10 the first of the three to obtain such license.

Milchan Media is ultimately owned by Mr. Arnon Milchan, a well-known international film producer who has produced over 130 full-length motion pictures (including Pretty Woman, 12 Years a Slave, Gone Girl, L.A. Confidential, Fight Club, and Mr. and Mrs. Smith).

Milchan Media Ltd. was represented by Lior Porat (Partner) and Yoav Meer.


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