July 11, 2016

“Family Capital” dedicated the fourth volume in memory of the late partner Dafna Telgam.

Gur Y. Savir and Aviram Handel, partners at the firm and editors-in-chief of the journal “Family Capital” have dedicated the fourth volume of the journal in memory of the late attorney Dafna Telgam. Dafna was a partner in the firm, granddaughter of the late attorney Israel Gornitzky, founder of the firm, and daughter of the late Yeruham Gornitzky, who was the chairman of the firm for many years.

The law journal “Family Capital” publishes articles relating to the economic aspects of private law matters including inheritance and succession, marital property, trusts and trustees, wills and associated taxation matters. Both Savir and Handel are experts in the field. The Journal includes inter alia articles written by judges, leading academics and senior lawyers.

Dafna Telgam


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