April 18, 2011

Israeli newspaper Maariv named four of the Firm's lawyers among Israel's most promising lawyers.

Four of the Gornitzky & Co.’s lawyers were named among Israel’s most promising young lawyers by Israeli newspaper Maariv, in an article attempting to foresee Israel’s future top lawyers in different practice areas. 

Mr. Yaron Elhawi (Partner) and Mr. Shlomo Cohen (Partner) were named as leading real estate lawyers – the article stated that Mr. Cohen is ”only 36 years old and already considered to be one of Israel’s leading lawyers in the field of real estate. He coordinates the representation of the Ofer Brothers Group in their real estate business.”

Mr. Daniel Paserman (Partner) was described as one of Israel’s top three young M&A lawyers. Mr. Paserman divides his time between international M&A’s, creative and unique tax planning and leading the Firm’s private equity practice. The article stated that Mr. Paserman consults clients such as the Tshuva Group, the Habas Group, the Steinmetz Group, the Phoenix Group and Comverse Ltd.

Ms. Inbal Zackai-Horev was described as a promising capital markets lawyer who is expected to reach new heights in the foreseen future.

Among Israel’s current senior lawyers, the article named Gornitzky & Co.’s Chairman, Mr. Pinhas Rubin.


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