August 06, 2012

The Lawyer, a prominent UK legal magazine, seeks Moriel Matalon's take on the future of Israeli law firms.

The Lawyer, a prominent UK legal magazine, interviewed Managing Partner, Mr. Moriel Matalon, on whether foreign firms will aim to directly compete with local ones as a result of a new directive passed, which removed barriers preventing foreign lawyers from working in Israel, and permits collaboration between Israeli and foreign law firms. 

Mr. Matalon expressed his views saying, “I’m somewhat skeptical over whether we’re going to have an inflow of foreign law firms in Israel…First, because I believe most of those law firms prefer to work with major firms in Israel rather than compete with them…Second, I believe that, apart from the knowledge of international law, in order to practice in Israel you need to have deep knowledge of the local environment – not only the legal issues, but how to deal with the government.”

For the full article on The Lawyer’s website, click here.


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