November 09, 2016

Gornitzky represented Fattal Hotels at the District Court in the matter of a Trademark

Gornitzky successfully represented Fattal Hotels in a motion to dismiss the objection to register a trademark, brought before the Deputy Patent Registrar, as well as in the appeal against the decision to dismiss, held before the Tel Aviv District Court.

Within the framework of the objection to register the trademark, filed by a trademark owner registered in the Trademarks Database, it was claimed, among others, that Fattal’s motion to register the trademark should be denied, in light of the existing concern for the mistaking of Fattal’s requested trademark with that of the opposing party.

In the court ruling, issued in April 2016, the Deputy Patent Registrar ordered the full dismissal of the objection, whilst accepting Fattal’s arguments with respect to lack of absence of concern over any misleading and while imposing expenses of the procedure on the opposing party.

An appeal against said court ruling, filed before the Tel Aviv District Court by the opposing party, was denied as well, following the opposing party’s withdrawal of the appeal, as suggested by the Court.

Fattal Hotels were represented by Nimrod Saville and Karin Shani.


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