December 23, 2016

Gornitzky represents a subsidiary of Vitania Ltd. In a NIS 7 million claim against the company which was revoked by the Tel-Aviv District Court.

Gornitzky successfully represented A.S. Uri investments & assets (2000) Ltd., a subsidiary of Vitania Ltd., in a NIS 7 Million claim against the company and Gad Proper, a Vitania Ltd. Shareholder, filed by Adv. Yehuda Zehavi.

The claim of the plaintiff, Adv. Zahavi, is that Vitania made a verbal commitment to him that he would be the lawyer handling the enforcement of Vitania’s rights in the assisted accommodation project, “Until 120”, and “Vitania Tower”, office building in Ramat Hachayal, Tel-Aviv. Vitania Ltd. denied such commitment was ever made to Adv. Zehavi and claimed he was paid fully for all legal services provided with connection to the Project. . The Tel Aviv District Court rejected the claim and questioned the absence of a written fee agreement, while stressing the duty of lawyers to draft written agreements at all times.

A.S. Uri investments & assets (2000) Ltd. was represented by Eli Cohen (partner), Daniel Lasry and Alex Feldsher.


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