December 17, 2018

Elron v. Elron case – The appeal from the judgment of the District Court was dismissed at the Supreme Court.

Appeal from the judgment of the Tel Aviv-Jaffa District Court in the Elron V. Elron case, which was held in the Supreme Court was dismissed.

In the judgment – which was the subject matter of the appeal – claims of the oppression of minority shareholders at the advertising company, “Marketing Communications Platform” and also a long list of claims of alleged irregularities in the management of the company had been dismissed.

The minority shareholders’ claims also failed in the Supreme Court: the minority shareholders’ appeal was dismissed in a decision that adopted the judgment of the District Court in its entirety, and they were ordered to pay costs (not token costs, which were imposed in addition to the significant costs that had been imposed on them in the District Court).

Managing partner Kfir Yadgar handled the case together with the lawyer Ehud Katzenelson.


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