August 31, 2017

Gornitzky represents Bezeq in a motion to hold an additional court session regarding the Supreme Court's ruling on the matter of dividend distribution

Gornitzky represented Bezeq, the Israeli Communication Corp. Ltd,. in a motion to hold an additional Supreme Court session regarding its ruling from December 2016, which dismissed an appeal over the District Court’s ruling that denied motions to approve a derivative lawsuit on behalf of Bezeq, in relation to capital reduction and dividend distribution executed by Bezeq.

In her decision, Supreme Court President, Justice Naor, denied the plaintiff’s motion to hold an additional court session, stating that the motion does not fall within the rare cases which justify holding an additional hearing.

Bezeq was represented by Pinhas Rubin (Chairman of the Firm), Lior Porat (Managing Partner), Asaf Avtuvi (Partner) and Ehud Katzenelson (Associate).


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