November 07, 2019

GNET- Gornitzky's alumni organization launch

An event of once in 70 years.

Our firm held an exciting event on November 6th 2019, in which we celebrated our Head of Firm, Pinhas Rubin’s 70th birthday, as well as being granted  a “Honorary Fellow” award from the Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law. Family members, friends, judges, colleagues, academics, and the entire Gornitzky family attended the event held in the Smolarz Hall. We were also glad to welcome and reconnect with many of our alumni that were invited to attend the event as part of Gornitzky’s alumni organization launch, GNET.

Throughout the evening, a “Counter Investigation” was held, regarding the “First 70 Years” of Attorney Rubin’s career, led by Geula Even-Sa’ar. Afterwards, a comedy show by Adir Miller closed the event.

Thanks for coming!

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