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In recent years, there has been an increase in fatal work accidents in Israel, especially in the construction industry. At the same time, the trend of increasing enforcement and supervision and expanding the responsibility imposed on the corporation and its officers, at both the criminal and administrative levels – from the filing of indictments to proceedings before the Registrar of Contractors – is strengthening.

The firm has many years of experience in the field of “white collar” crimes and representation of corporations, managers, and officers in criminal and administrative proceedings, and accompanying the largest real estate companies in Israel for decades.

The multidisciplinary knowledge that the firm has accumulated over the years makes it possible to provide the corporation, its managers and officers with legal assistance in each stage of the criminal and administrative proceedings, from inspection visits by the Safety Administration and investigations before the Israel Police (Peleg Division), continued with the hearing and ended with the conduct of proceedings before the courts.

The firm also provides advice in the field of internal-organizational investigations as well as in administrative proceedings under occupational safety laws, including in cases of work stoppage orders, imposition of administrative fines, hearings before the Registrar of Contractors and more.

The legal advice provided by the firm also includes preliminary and forward-looking advice with a preventive purpose, focusing on internal organizational enforcement programs designed to promote the implementation of legal provisions and standards in the field of occupational safety while reducing the legal exposure of the corporation, its managers, and its officers. The legal team guides its clients in the process of creating and implementing norms that are designed to prevent the occurrence of work accidents and violations of occupational safety laws.

Gornitzky’s multidisciplinary approach and extensive experience both in representing corporations and managers and in other related areas of law, including real estate, planning and construction, business licensing and more, allows the firm to provide its clients with comprehensive and successful legal representation even in these complex and sensitive proceedings.


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