October 26, 2015

Partner Pinhas Rubin – There is also a great importance in the inequality in the tax system.

Adv. Pinhas Rubin, head of the firm, stressed the importance of inequality in the tax system: “Tax equality is important, but there are cases where separation and inequality are wanted”, said Partner Pinhas Rubin and added that the state should not only offer Google tax benefits but also pay the Company to arrive to Israel: “I am in favour of inequality to those kind of businesses for the greater good of Israel”. This was said during the Tax Convention of The Research Institute on Society and Economy.

Convention participants included: Mr. Yoram Gabay, former head of State Revenue Division, Mr. Uriel lynn, Head of the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce, Prof. Yoram Margalioth, Tax Professor in the Buchmann faculty of law in Tel Aviv University and Mr. Yoel Naveh, Chief Economist and head of State Revenue Division.


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