September 20, 2011

Gornitzky & Co. obtained an approval for Bezeq's NIS 3 billion dividend.

In March 2011, Bezeq Ltd. was authorized by the Financial Department of the District Court in Tel-Aviv (the Honorable Judge Danya Kareth Meyer) to distribute a NIS 3 billion dividend by way of capital reduction, as was recommended by its board of directors and approved by its general assembly. The approved dividend is to be paid in six payments, over a period of three years. In September 2011, the District Court ruled, inter alia, that a request to object to the dividend filed by two of Bezeq Ltd.’s bond holders a few months following the court’s approval, became redundant.

Bezeq The Israel Telecommunications Co. Ltd. which is Israel’s largest telecom operator, was represented by Mr. Pinhas Rubin (Firm Chairman), Mr. Lior Porat (Partner) and Mr. Asaf Avtuvi.


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