May 25, 2012

Managing Partner, Moriel Matalon, sees a bright future for large firms such as Gornitzky & Co.

At the annual conference hosted by the Israel Bar Association, Mr. Moriel Matalon participated in a panel discussion regarding the growing numbers of attorneys in Israel, following the passing of a directive that removes barriers which prevented foreign lawyers from working in Israel, and permits collaboration between Israeli and foreign law firms. 

The Israeli newspaper, Globes, quoted Mr. Matalon predicting a bright future for the larger law firms, such as Gornitzky, as the “dramatic polarization” between large Israeli law firms and smaller ones continues to grow in the coming years. “The process in the next ten years will continue to be one of dramatic polarization, whereby small law firms will have a hard time surviving and very low profit margins, and on the other hand, large law firms will just continue to grow.”


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