July 16, 2018

Gornitzky represents a shareholder in "Maayan Customs Services" in a shareholders dispute.

Gornitzky represents a shareholder in “Maayan Customs Services”, one of the largest and oldest companies in Israel in the area of  customs clearance and international shipping, as well as in its subsidiary, “Mayan Overseas”, which are jointly estimated to be worth over NIS 40 million.

Our representation involves a shareholders dispute in which our firm is acting to block the attempts of the other shareholder to take over the company, while discriminating the shareholder and excluding it of its rights within the Group.  This past month, our firm filed an urgent motion for temporary reliefs to our client, asking the court to grant an injunction prohibiting the said shareholder from executing any dispositions in the assets of the company, to order the cancellation of a transaction of interested parties that failed to receive the required approvals by law, and lastly, to order the appointment of the shareholder as a director in the company and in its subsidiary.

The shareholder is represented by Partner Orly Tenennbaum, together with Associates Karin Shani and Danielle Fadlon.


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