July 03, 2019

Gornitzky represented Dan Public Transportation Ltd in reaction to an injunction filed regarding holding an exclusive general meeting

Gornitzky represented Dan Public Transportation Ltd in a complaint filed by a group of shareholders, owning about 4% of the stocks, before the Court of Economy in Tel Aviv. The complaint requested an injunction regarding the holding of an exclusive general meeting by the company, claiming the meeting will address the re-election of the current chairmen, eight months prior the ending of their position, this being allegedly contradictory to the companies’ constitution. Gornitzky’s reply was filed in less than 24 hours following said complaint, and a hearing before the honorary Judge Altoviya was held shortly after.
The court accepted Gornitzkys’ claim, that there is no apparent reason to prevent re-election of chairmen at this time. The application and the prosecution where both suspended, and any applications filed in the next six years that might include any of the complaints filed in said case, the applicants will bear expenses in total of 100,00 NIS.

Dan Public Transportation Ltd was represented by partners Ofer Tzur, Kfir Yadger, Ofer Fleischer, Uri Heller, and associates Idan Zohar and Elona Lerner.


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